City of Rahway
1 City Hall Plaza
Rahway, NJ 07065
(732) 827-2000




The history of Rahway begins with the settlements of Elizabethtown and Woodbridge. The early settlers of those places were the founders of Rahway which began as outlying acreage and plantations. 

The name “Rahwack” with several variants in spelling , appears to have been in use for this vicinity in very early days and is traditionally ascribed to an Indian chief who dwelt here. 

By the 18th century, Rahway consisted of four distinct communities: Upper Rahway, Bridge Town, or Lower Rahway, Leesville, and Milton.

Throughout the War for Independence, Rahway was the scene of several skirmishes. In January 1777, the Battle of Spanktown, Rahway’s most notable battle, was fought on St. Georges Avenue in the vicinity of the Union County Park. The battle lasted twelve hours with the Americans getting the best of the British.

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