Holiday Decoration Tips

Fresh Trees Can Be Made Safer

Evergreens can be treated with a fire retardant product such as spectra-shield, which will greatly slow down the flame spread.

Example:  In testing by Northeast Testing Laboratories, Inc. samples were introduced into 2000°F flame for five (5) seconds, then removed and left in a horizontal position.  All three samples self-extinguished in less than five (5) seconds.

  • Be bright about lights!  Don’t use lights with worn insulation, broken plugs, and loose sockets.  They can cause fires, shocks, and even electrocution!
  • Be careful when hanging several light strings together.  You could have an overload situation.  Remember all lighting inside and out, should be turned off before going to bed!
  • Are the stockings hung from the chimney with care?  Be especially careful if there’s a cozy fire going in the fireplace.
  • Speaking of fireplaces, be sure the opening is covered with a sturdy metal screen or heat-tempered glass doors.  This reduces the chances of a fire from escaping sparks or wood.
  • When the Holidays are over, take the tree down.  Every day it stands in the house, it gets a little drier.