Division of Property Maintenance

Certificate of Approval for Continued Occupancy (CACO)sale

 Please note residential properties with 3 units or more and all commercial properties will need to apply and have a Zoning permit before applying for a CACO.

Renters Please read the New Jersey's Lead Safe Certification Law here. Effective July 2022.

APARTMENT BUILDINGS -  All CO applications for tenants will be $50 per unit. Only if the entire building is being sold, will the fee be $50 for the first unit and $25 for each additional unit. 

The below Affidavits are only required if you have failed the inspection and would like to close with a TCACO.

We will need the original hard copy and check to be dropped off or mailed to our office in order to issue the certificate.  

Vacant and Foreclosing Properties

For Vacant and Foreclosing Properties click here.

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