2022 Police Roll Call


The Rahway Police Department is staffed with highly trained officers, technicians, and support staff outfitted with state-of-the-art tools, like body worn cameras, GPS equipped smart maps, and weapon systems that require officer biometrics to access.  As important as these tools are, none are more valued by the police department than the tool of effective communication.

To maintain communication between the police department’s leadership and its’ line officers, the Rahway Police Department conducts daily information sharing sessions known as Roll Call Briefings.  At the beginning of the officer’s work shift, officers meet with their supervisor in the Roll Call Training room where Shift Supervisors conduct a visual inspection of the officers, issue patrol district assignments, discuss significant events that have occurred during prior shifts, provide training updates on legal matters, and discuss any matters that require the officer’s immediate attention like locations of recent burglaries, and descriptions of wanted suspects.

The Roll Call Briefing is also an effective way to ensure critical information is shared between the patrol officers and the Supervisors. Supervisors also use Roll Call Briefings to listen and observe police officers to check for indications the officers may be experiencing job-related stress The police department recognizes that for communication to be effective, it must flow both ways.

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