2022 Ice Rescue Training


As the cold, winter months continue to freeze our City, the Rahway Fire Department continues its dedicated service by being prepared for any cold weather situation that may occur. Last week, the department conducted Ice Rescue Training with its crews. Using tools such as a Rescue Alive Ice Rescue Sled and Pulley System, the firefighters train on how to secure quickly and efficiently an individual in danger and pull them to safety. The firefighters trained in situations where they would use themselves as leverage as well as a mechanical advantage, such as securing rope to an engine truck, so that timeliness can be considered when preforming rescues.

Along with the smaller Ice Rescue Sled, the crew suited up in their Immersion Suits, that allow for firefighters to safely enter ice water conditions, and trained on larger, more buoyant devices. This exercised focused not only on securing an individual, but how they would remain safe in a water rescue situation.

The Rahway Fire Department has not encountered a situation where ice rescue training has been needed, however, the training continues to all its members to ensure upmost preparedness, should it be needed.

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