What Is Required For Liquor License Renewal?

Active & Pocket Licenses

  1. Tax Clearance from the State Division of Taxation
    • In order for the State to issue the clearance certificate, you must have a valid corporate charter and:
      • Be current on State tax filings; and
      • Payments; or
      • Be current on your approved Deferred Payment Plan.
  2. $200 payable to the State of New Jersey through the POSSE system
  3. Fees paid to the City of Rahway by cash, check, or money order. Debit and Credit Cards are currently not accepted. 
    1. For Club Licenses: $150 
    2. For all Others, $2000

Pocket Licenses Only

You may need to file a 12.39 relief form through POSSE for holding an inactive license, which costs $100 per term you are requesting relief.

Late Fees

The City of Rahway does not charge late fees. However, the State has deterrent procedures, which include additional forms to fill out and fees. 

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