I Need An Ad Interim Permit, What Is Required?


  1. Filed a renewal application (through POSSE or paper template renewal) and paid the $200 state renewal filing fee
  2. Paid the $2000 municipal filing fee
  3.  Submitted an Ad interim permit application through the Division’s online licensing system (POSSE). Permit application fee - $75, plus daily fee of $5 per day (payable by e-check or credit card)
  4. A renewal clearance certificate from the Division of Taxation - Full clearance or interim “temporary” clearance
    • If the licensee has received an interim “temporary” tax clearance certificate, it MUST be uploaded to the online permit application.

Once the licensee has submitted the application it will automatically be transmitted to the municipal clerk or ABC Board Secretary for endorsement in POSSE.

Once endorsed, it will be automatically transmitted to ABC for review and issuance.  Once issued, the licensee will receive an email notification that the permit has been issued and a copy of the permit. It must be displayed at the licensed premises.

Ad Intermit permit applications must be submitted through the POSSE ABC Online Licensing System. Under no circumstances will the Division accept a paper application for an Ad Interim Permit. 

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