I need to amend/change/switch or update my email address on POSSE, how do I do that?

Unfortunately, as of July 5th, 2022, you are unable to change your email address and the POSSE Admin cannot/will not either. You will have to create a new user account on POSSE (LINK). During the account registration process, you will be asked for an access code.  You must have the access code in order to be linked to the account at the time of registration.  

If you register an account without the access code, you must follow the procedure below to be linked. Please be advised that POSSE Admin does not provide access codes.

If you have already registered a new user account without the access code, you must fulfill & notarize this attached Affidavit (LINK) & submit a request to posseadmin@lps.state.nj.us to be linked to the account.  The email ID & the name with which that email ID is associated listed on the form MUST have an active account in the POSSE system & the name on the account must be listed in the affidavit; if the name listed does not match the name in the account to be linked, the request cannot be processed.  The SUBJECT of the e‐mail must state “Affidavit of Representation”.  Any e‐mails sent that do not use the correct subject may be lost within other subject matter and create a delay in the assignment.

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