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1. What Is An OPRA Request, and How Do I File A OPRA Request?
2. How Do I Apply For A Marriage License Or Obtain A Copy Of One?
3. How Do I Apply For A Death Certificate Or Obtain A Copy Of One?
4. How Do I Become A Notary Public?
5. Does Rahway Allow For Cannabis Businesses?
6. Does Rahway Have Rent Control?
7. How Do I Get A Copy of My Deed?
8. Can I obtain a photo ID card from the City?
9. How Can I Get A Handicap Parking Spot In Front Of My Home?
10. Are There Any Limitations On Parties, Use Of Lawn Equipment, and/or Maintenance Equipment?
11. Where Would I Get Bid Information?
12. Does The City of Rahway Allow Short Term Rentals?
13. Do I Need A Permit For A Party Bus?
14. I have a question on a ticket or my court appearance