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1. Who Can I Contact To Ask Questions About Having A Food Truck In Rahway?
2. How Do I Apply For An Annual or Special Event Food Truck License?
3. What Is The Difference Between A Food Truck and Peddler's License?
4. How Many Food Trucks Are Allowed In The City Of Rahway?
5. Where Can Food Trucks Park & What Hours Can They Operate?
6. Are Food Trucks Which Pay For An Annual License Subject To Special Event License Fees?
7. What Are The Fees For A Food Truck or Peddler's License?
8. When Does A Food Truck Permit Expire?
9. How Do I Apply For A Peddlers License Or A Transient Merchant License?
10. How Should Trash & Recycling Be Handled?
11. Where Are Peddlers Allowed?
12. For Residents and Non-Profits, What Are The Requirements To Have A Food Truck For An Event?
13. What Do I Do If I Don't Have A Food Truck But Am Looking To Sell Food?