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Downtown Parking Improvements Introduced

Over the past several months, the City has focused on implementing a comprehensive plan to improve parking in Rahway’s downtown by utilizing current technology and prioritizing downtown businesses and their customers, Rahway residents, and, to the extent possible, non-Rahway commuters.

As part of this effort, the City, working with parking industry experts, evaluated all on- and off-street parking locations, the potential for creating additional spaces, and meter/pay station technology. This evaluation yielded numerous short-, medium-, and long-term recommendations to optimize parking.

Several significant short-term improvements are being introduced effective Monday, September 23, 2019.

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Pay-by-plate Parking

Rahway’s individual coin-operated parking meters for on-street parking are being replaced by 29 modern pay stations located throughout downtown. These pay stations accept coins or credit/debit card payments. Payment can also be made using the Flowbird Parking app. In all cases, payment is made by license plate number, with no need to remember space numbers or go to a specific pay station.

Metered on-street parking will be in effect from 7:00am to 7:00pm, Monday through Saturday. The rate is $1.00 per hour, with a maximum of four hours. The minimum amount of time is 15 minutes ($0.25) if paying by coin, 60 minutes ($1.00) if paying by card or app. On-street parking will be free at other times.

Dual-purpose Surface Lots

Three of the City’s municipal parking lots have long been reserved for those holding commuter permits. These include the lot on Broad Street (“Lot H”), West Milton Avenue (“Lot F”), and Fulton Street (“Mango’s”). However, during evening hours and weekends, these lots often sit empty. To help optimize the use of these lots, they are being converted to “dual use”. While they will continue to be used for commuter permit parking from 5:00am to 7:00pm, Monday to Friday, they will be available to the public free of charge during evening hours and on weekends.

Other Improvements

In addition to these improvements, four loading zones in the downtown area, while still reserved for businesses loading and unloading from 5:00am to 7:00pm Monday to Saturday, will be available for parking at other times. Further, a clear and concise street sweeping schedule will be implemented in the Central Business District between 5:00am and 7:00am, allowing this essential service to be completed in the hours before most businesses open and commuters arrive. Parking will be available on alternate sides of streets during these hours.

What to Expect

Clear and consistent signage is being installed throughout downtown to guide residents and visitors to parking and inform them of the applicable rules. Further, Rahway parking enforcement personnel will serve as ambassadors during the initial weeks of the transition, explaining and assisting parkers with the new payment systems.

More to Come!

These short-term improvements are not the end of Rahway’s efforts to optimize parking resources. In the near future, the entry and payment system at the Rahway Transit Center Garage will be replaced with a modern system incorporating license plate reader and pay-by-phone capabilities to create a more customer friendly experience. Meanwhile, the City is exploring longer-term solutions focused on creating additional parking throughout downtown.

For questions or additional information about these improvements and other aspects of parking in Rahway, please contact the Rahway Parking Utility at (732) 827-2222.